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Exploring the links between migration and poverty through research, capacity building and policy engagement

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Current partner

The Centre for Migration Studies (CMS) at the University of Ghana

Established in 2006, the Centre for Migration Studies is a leading centre in West Africa for the interdisciplinary study of contemporary and future migration dynamics within and outside Ghana. The Centre’s research focuses on four thematic areas: migration and population dynamics, migration and economic development, socio-cultural dimensions of migration and legal and institutional dimensions of migration.

Role of the Migrating out of Poverty RPC in West Africa

The RPC works with its partners to communicate research findings and policy recommendations. CMS together with other partners has facilitated the establishment of a Network of NGOs in Migration as well as West Africa Network of Media persons in migration issues. These networks will be partners in research as well as in communication activities.

Our partners in Ghana tweet here @CMS_MOOP

Ghana's first National Migration Policy

April 2016 - Ghana launches a National Migration Policy

Ghana's National Migration Policy

Check out our news item with links


Squatter's Paradise

Squatters Paradise

Anny Osabutey won the CNN African Journalist of the Year 2012 Award - Radio Category for this documentary, Squatter's Paradise. Through a collection of narratives he explores Old Fadama, the biggest slum in Accra.

Originally a temporary settlement of internally displaced people from Ghana's northern regions, Old Fadama is today known locally as Sodom and Gomorrah, a sprawling slum and home to thousands of migrants who have come to Accra in search of work. Its prime location in Ghana's capital city, high crime rates and lack of basic amenities has made "what to do about Sodom and Gomorrah" an ongoing public debate and a priority research focus for the Centre for Migration Studies in their regional Migrating out of Poverty project.

Regional projects

Urbanization, Rural-urban migration and Urban Poverty in Ghana

Ghana Country Programme [PDF 345.03KB]

MENOM - Media Network on Migration - in Ghana

Check out the Storify of the media training workshop for this network.

Ghana News Agency Reporter wins Award

'Can something good come from Sodom and Gomorrah?'
CMS Ghana - Media Workshop - 1st prize WINNER - Journalist, Loretta Vanderpuye


Hope for Better Days: A Migrant's Story (Jamila Okertchire)

The Untold Story of Kayayei (Maxwell Suuk)

Migration: Gains and Losses (by Maxwell Suuk)

Sewing Migrants (Anny Osabutey)

News coverage

Ghana is giving little attention to Migraton and Policy

Increase public education on migration of domestic workers

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