Migrating out of Poverty

Exploring the links between migration and poverty through research, capacity building and policy engagement

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Conference papers

View or download the conference papers from our recent Migrating out of Poverty: From Evidence to Policy conference.

We also have a link to some of the PowerPoint presentations from the two days.

For Multimedia presentations, please see the right-hand menu: Multimedia, social media, and photos.

Day 1

Khoo: requested not to share

Rashid: Choosing a Life: Remittances and Youth Aspirations in Bangladeshi Villages [PDF 551.37KB]

Suthendran: How to implement peer-based mental health services for foreign domestic workers in Singapore [DOCX 713.62KB]

Vearey: requested not to share

Giunti: Migration as coping strategy for natural shock recovery [PDF 727.49KB]

Goeken: Sedentarisation in Eastern Sudan: Conception, (Dis-)Advantages and Effects [PDF 743.04KB]

Awumbila: Dialectical relations and agency in migration brokerage [PDF 555.18KB]

Wee: Conditionality and chance: migration brokers [PDF 533.29KB]

Watson: Requested not to share

Palmary: How unpopular policies are made: policy making for migrant women [PDF 613.93KB]

Lopega: The politics of migrant labour policy making: The case of Taiwan [PDF 400.17KB]

McGregor: Intergovernmental organizations, migration and sustainable development goals [PDF 902.75KB]

Sugden: China and South Asia case study update [PDF 534.20KB]

Harkins: Labour migration in ASEAN update [PDF 980.41KB]

Supriyanto: Knowledge Remittance and Self-Employment Career [PDF 258.42KB]

Bamberg: Narrating agency: The Refugee Experience of women fleeing to Germany [PDF 469.27KB]

Angulo-Pasel: Dialectical relations and agency in migration brokerage [DOC 167.50KB]

Hagen-Zanker: Migrate plans mute: destinations change [PDF 256.25KB]

Day 2

Abutima: Independent child migration and education nexus in sub-sahara Africa [PDF 235.71KB]

Alaluusaa: Rural to urban migration and young female domestic workers update [PDF 213.11KB]

Teye: Gains and Losses from Internal Migration: Evidence from Migrant-Sending Households in Ghana [PDF 1.08MB]

Estifanos: Social Networks, Dreams and Risks: Ethiopian Irregular Migrants into South Africa [PDF 1.08MB]

Vanyoro: Critical perspectives on understanding scientific research uptake [PDF 530.60KB]

Fernandez: requested not to share

Grabska: requested not to share

Del Franco: Footprints of agency and space for self-assertion update [PDF 277.25KB]

de Regt: Young, female and looking for change: Migrant girls' narratives in Addis Ababa [PDF 487.76KB]

Theodore: Migrant day labourers in South Africa: worker centres and the regulation of informality [PDF 441.89KB]

Marchand: Forced Migration and Labour Market Outcomes [PDF 696.24KB]

Mak: requested not to share

Jaji: Migrants and voluntary return to political and economic uncertainty in Zimbabwe [PDF 304.46]

Munro: requested not to share

Weatherburn: Immigration Act 2016: tackling precarious employment in the UK [PDF 544.66KB]

Bendra: Morocco's new migration policy update [PDF 818.39KB]

Clewett: Thinking Like a Migrant update [PDF 329.34KB]

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