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End of project report

Ten Years of Research on Internal, Regional, and International Labour Migration in Africa and Asia

Migrating out of Poverty final report 2010-2019 [PDF 7.98MB]

The Migrating out of Poverty Research Programme Consortium officially ended on 31 December 2019, after nearly ten years of migration research, capacity building and policy analysis in eleven countries across Africa and Asia.

The website will continue to house all the consortium's outputs, along with all partner details and our themed work under the Migration Industry, Gender and Generation, and Income and Remittances.

Our social media spaces will continue to exist, and all our publications and data will also be available for reading and investigation on IDS Open Docs.

Priya Deshingkar, as Research Director of the consortium, continues at the University of Sussex and welcomes invitations to develop funding bids to continue the work that Migrating out of Poverty has invested in over the past ten years.

Migrating out of Poverty Research Programme Consortium was a multidisciplinary, multi-country partnership. It focused on the relationship between internal, regional and international migration and poverty. It was funded by UK Aid, from the UK government's Department for International Development, Research and Evidence division. Migrating out of Poverty was coordinated by the University of Sussex and collaborative research was undertaken with partners in BangladeshEthiopiaGhanaKenyaSenegalSingapore, South Africa, and Zimbabwe.

191120 Senegal comic 1

Senegal: Migrants and Smugglers
Based on research conducted in the Casamance, Senegal, this comic illustrates the manner in which irregular migration is organised and the perspectives of migrants, their families, smugglers and the wider migration industry.

FRENCH Migrants & Smugglers WEration from Senegal (Maddo)_FR 1

Senegal: Migrants and Smugglers
French version

Stories from the Southern Route FINAL WEB 1

Ethiopia: Stories from the Southern Route
Tightening border controls and heightened surveillance has spawned an industry of migration and smuggling facilitators. The comic illustrates the lived experiences of migrants along the Ethiopia-South Africa route.

Zimbabwe comic 1

Zimbabwe: Human Smuggling from Zimbabwe to South Africa
This comic illustrates the experiences of Zimbabwean women who migrate to South Africa for domestic work with the help of agents and other intermediaries. It highlights the gendered, generational and economic factors that underpin migration decisions.

Articles related to the Covid-19 pandemic

Hyper-precarious lives: Bangladeshi migrants on Azad visas in Qatar during the COVID-19 pandemic
Lamea Momen and Priya Deshingkar
Routed Magazine, 22 June 2020

Faceless and dispossessed: India’s circular migrants in the times of COVID-19
Priya Deshingkar
Down to Earth, 16 June 2020

Why India’s migrants deserve a better deal
Priya Deshingkar
LiveMint, 18 May 2020

Locked out under coronavirus lockdown - Continuing exclusion of India's migrant workforce
Nabeela Ahmed and Priya Deshingkar
Discover Society, 1 April 2020

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