Migrating out of Poverty

Exploring the links between migration and poverty through research, capacity building and policy engagement

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Former partner

The African Migration & Development Policy Centre (AMADPOC)

AMADPOC was a research partner for Migrating out of Poverty from 2010 - 2017. As the first centre of its kind in the region, AMADPOC focuses on the study of migration with the objective of providing evidence-based findings to support the development of policies that better manage the migration phenomenon.

African Migration and Development Policy Centre (AMADPOC)

Role of Migrating out of Poverty in East Africa

Migrating out of poverty addresses the drivers of migration in East Africa by carrying out research, both within national borders and across the region, that will better explain the varied responses to migration with a view to informing policy and providing a more balanced outlook.

Migrating out of Poverty works to support AMADPOC and the associate partners in the region the opportunity to develop and respond to regional and national policy discussions as we work together to help leverage migration for development.

Regional projects

Rural Out-migration to Urban Uncertainties in Kenya

Kenya Country Programme [PDF 412.38KB]

Ethiopia Country Programme [PDF 411.00KB]

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