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Bangladesh quantitative survey data

User Guides and Questionnaires

Each survey is accompanied by a User Guide which summarises the sampling methodology adopted by each of the partners leading the in-country work; sets out key definitions and describes the data files. These are based on sources such as the fieldwork manuals and research reports provided by the partners. We recommend you read the User Guide before downloading the datasets.

While our surveys use near-identical questionnaires we recommend you download and read the questionnaires for each country as there are differences in coded responses to reflect country contexts and also slight differences in ordering of questions.

Data Files

Data for each country is available in both STATA and SPSS formats. There are three data sets for each country, a household level file, and individual file and a supplementary file containing disaggregated data on income and or remittances. Data sets can be merged using the Household Identifier and Person Identifier variables, as described in each User Guide.

NOTE: To download data files (.dta and .sav) you must have STATA or SPSS software. Depending on your browser download may begin automatically after clicking (Google Chrome) or you may be presented with optons to save (Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox). The data files with no size listed are less than 1MB.

Bangladesh Quant User Guide [PDF 471.93KB]

Bangladesh Quant Household Questionnaire migrant [PDF 2.07MB]

Bangladesh Quant Household Questionnaire non-migrant [PDF 1.13MB]

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